Practice Times & Location/Info


1302 Melissa Dr. #100 Bentonville, AR 72712

All  Young Women & Men 13-14 Years Old As Of Sept. 1st

Attire: Sweats/Shorts, T-Shirt, No zippers/buttons on clothing, Socks if you dont have wrestling shoes

Monday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm


REGISTRATION: 1 Wrestler $150 per year to practice from October to October NO GIMMICKS! (discounts for additional wrestler contact for details, we do take a few months off in summer) 

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: BWC T-Shirt, Shorts, Sublimated Socks.

DEPOSIT FOR GEAR: $85 for singlet, headgear, bag (we hold your check, if gear comes back in good shape we give the check back)

TOURNAMENT COST: Approximately $20/tournament (not our fee). 15 Tournaments Scheduled (not mandatory to attend)

USA WRESTLING CARD: $40 (Covers Insurance and Liability When Wrestling at Practice or Tournaments)

Prepare for High School And College

Wrestling Technique

 As you progress in age, your technique should follow. The core fundamentals that you have learned will set you on the path for success. Now is the time to perfect your craft. Expanding your knowledge of the sport and technique, as well as drilling technique repeatedly, makes you a true competitor. Let Bentonville Wrestling Club direct you toward your wrestling goals, and let them teach you the smallest details which will make you a champion. Now is the time to work. Don't just compete; dominate! Dominate in practice, in tournaments, and in life! Join our club for our system.

Athletic Ability

 Now that you understand that wrestling is your sport of choice, it's now time to push yourself to the limits. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in the wrestling room makes you stronger day to day. What do we mean? Partnering with difficult wrestlers, pushing your cardiovascular ability, building well rounded strength and flexibility, and most of all understanding rest, recovery, and nutrition! If you lack in any of these areas, someone else is going to get the upper hand. Our coaches have a plethora of knowledge from 7 different wrestling states, and are willing to give their pedigree of knowledge and experience to you. Set yourself up for your high school career and beyond! 

Goal Setting

 Many people get confused with the way you are supposed to set goals. Many will ask you what your goals are, and you may say, "to win state". Although this is a great long term goal, there are many intermediate and short term goals that must be met before you can meet your long term goal. Let Bentonville Wrestling Club guide you through goal management, by helping you micromanage your goal timeline. If you are organized, discipline, and driven these goals can become a reality. Every match you wrestle our coaches will discus a "plan of attack", which are goals that best benefits your abilities to win. We are excited for your future!