Practice Times & Location/Info

1302 Melissa Dr. #100 Bentonville, AR 72712

All Girls & Boys 4yrs-6yrs Old As Of Sept. 1st

Attire: Sweats/Shorts, T-Shirt, No zippers/buttons on clothing, Socks if you dont have wrestling shoes

Monday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

REGISTRATION: 1 Wrestler $150 per year to practice from October to October NO GIMMICKS! (discounts for additional wrestler contact for details, we do take a few months off in summer) 

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: BWC T-Shirt, Shorts, Sublimated Socks.

DEPOSIT FOR GEAR: $85 for singlet, headgear, bag (we hold your check, if gear comes back in good shape we give the check back)

TOURNAMENT COST: Approximately $20/tournament (not our fee). 15 Tournaments Scheduled (not mandatory to attend)

USA WRESTLING CARD: $40 (Covers Insurance and Liability When Wrestling at Practice or Tournaments)

Discover The Sport Of Wrestling

Wrestling Fundamental Technique

In order to wrestle successfully you must have basic fundamental technique. At BWC your 6U wrestlers will learn the best fundamental body awareness, mobility, balance, and agility; which will translate into a more rounded athlete and a competitive wrestler for years to come. Wrestling technique comes from these things, and we promise to give you the skill set need to be a champion!

Athletic Ability

Wrestling at a young age promotes a well rounded athlete. Balance, agility, body control, flexibility, and strength are all key elements in training for wrestling. BWC will provide a well rounded approach for young athletes who want to excel in all sports; especially sports like football!

Building Character

Wrestling is one of the most demanding sports that your 6U child will ever participate in both physically and emotionally. Wrestling is a true test of mental fortitude on many levels. Teaching perseverance, work ethic, accountability, and building confidence are characteristics unmatched by any other sport. We strive to make our athletes better young men and women for years to come teaching respect, discipline, and all the things life requires of them.