Practice Times & Location/Info


1302 Melissa Dr. #100 Bentonville, AR 72712

All Young Women & Men 7-8 Years Old As Of Sept. 1st

Attire: Sweats/Shorts, T-Shirt, No zippers/buttons on clothing, Socks if you dont have wrestling shoes

Tuesday 5:30pm-7:30pm

Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm


REGISTRATION: 1 Wrestler $150 per year to practice from October to October NO GIMMICKS! (discounts for additional wrestler contact for details, we do take a few months off in summer) 

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: BWC T-Shirt, Shorts, Sublimated Socks.

DEPOSIT FOR GEAR: $85 for singlet, headgear, bag (we hold your check, if gear comes back in good shape we give the check back)

TOURNAMENT COST: Approximately $20/tournament (not our fee). 15 Tournaments Scheduled (not mandatory to attend)

USA WRESTLING CARD: $40 (Covers Insurance and Liability When Wrestling at Practice or Tournaments)

Advancing Your Skills; Finding Your Style

Wrestling Technique

Learn our system, learn our drills, learn proven technique to set you above the curve. 3 moves from top, bottom, neutral and a solid defense is all it takes to beat the best. Learn it, trust it, become it!

Athletic Ability

THIS IS THE AREA COACHES MISS! Staying strong, quick, and flexible is very important in wrestling. It is the MOST fundamental movement sport out there. Learn a variety of body movement styles at practice which will make you become a more rounded athlete. We call these animal movements, because like animals, we all want to move with purpose, precision, and perfection.


The moral compass of Bentonville Wrestling Club members can be seen from anyone inside or outside our room. We strive for perfection when it comes to character. We partake in many philanthropy events in the NWA area. These events help our wrestlers become better men and women for years to come. When you see a BWC member out and about you will know because they show character qualities of respect, service, honor, perseverance, and excellence.