"Winning and Losing Does Not Define Us; Hard Work, Dedication, and Perseverance are Keys to Success"


Boasting 12 highly qualified and dedicated coaches, Girls and boys wrestling at Bentonville Wrestling  Club is one of the premier clubs in Northwest Arkansas! Many willing countless hours will be dedicated to your children throughout the year. We as a non-profit team strive on teaching for excellence in the sport of wrestling on all levels. The individual learn base time with smaller split practice settings and 6:1 athlete to coach ratio gives Bentonville Youth Wrestling an upper hand comparing to other clubs in the area.

"Bentonville Wrestling Club is comprised of coaches and parents that are dedicated and willing to help grow the great sport of wrestling through your children by diligently dedicating their time and effort to your child's development as young student athletes. Winning and losing does not define us; hard work, dedication and perseverance are keys to success" - Coach Weller