"Don't Just Take Our Word For It"....


 "This being our  first year wrestling I could not be happier with how the coaching staff dedicated so much time to my child and the team. It is nice to be a part of a club where the children are not viewed as dollars signs but as young children being formed to become successful members of society."  


 "Chris Weller is the coach who instills the love of the sport of wrestling in our youth all while teaching technique, discipline and work ethic." "The number of skilled coaches to youth wrestlers was great! I never saw our numbers greater than 4 kids to 1 coach." "We joined the club mid season and were welcomed with open arms. Our club is a family. We help each other: tie kids shoes, video or take photos, watch a sibling during the match, supported all the kids at tournaments, and shared our snacks." 


 "My daughter had an awesome time training with Bentonville Youth Wrestling Team. She learned a lot. The coach is brilliant, very knowledgeable. Connects with the kids and encourages them to be the best they can be." 


 "Thank You!!! I was not excited about wrestling coming into the season, but was doing it to help my son gain confidence for other sports. As the season went on I started to figure out how points were given and watch my son go from giving up in matches and getting pinned to getting mad, fighting, and using the technique that he learned to win the matches. His first year he was a medal winner at the state tournament. That goes to say something for the coaches and their ability to work with these children not only on wrestling, but also with confidence and leadership with life in general." 


 "Wrestling was a great experience. I was surprised how much my son and myself enjoyed the wrestling season as neither of us had been exposed before. From the coaches and other families, it was a joy to be a part of this team. We will definitely be joining again next year." 


 "Excellent coaching and environment for children and parents to learn about the sport of wrestling. The kids have grown in ability and confidence week and after. I love that it is a non-profit organization that is endorsed by our high school teams."